Green Technology

GREEN TECHNOLOGY O3: To Protect Mother Earth

Protecting the ozone layer is a global environmental challenge. Manufacturing industries are extremely responsible for ozone layer depletion. To protect Mother Earth, we took a step to adopt low carbon future technology in the manufacturing process of stainless steel in India for reducing the CO2 emission.  However, we are also upgrading the technology for the production of SS rebar in India to reduce the carbon foot print.  In addition, we are also functioning to reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing process for achieving sustainable production. We incorporate apt methods such as infinite recycling of steel and adoption of innovative technology for efficient production to make our steel to be one of the most sustainable material globally.

Green technology is the buzz word todayas the government is taking actions to encourage companies to adopt green technology in the manufacturing operations. As an established manufacturer of stainless steel, we took an initiative “A Green Planet”-in thought, vision & action. Through this initiative, we use our expertise and innovative technology to reduce carbon emission which is caused due to our manufacturing activities.



Mittal Corp Limited (MCL), an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified organization, the flagship company of the group, is an established manufacturer of stainless steel billets, blooms.


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